The concept of quality is highly variable. It is therefore rather difficult to give it a univocal definition. In general terms however, within companies all uses and functions of quality may be summed up in a single word, efficiency.

Quality, within business, means improving the production or supply of products or services while at the same time reducing costs.

This is due to the fact that a great number of companies, whose organization or processes do not show adequate levels of quality, are characterized by many internal mistakes, downtime, poor coordination so that a lot of activities are overlapping and disjoined, waste of resources and lack of instruments and procedures to collect feedback in order to start a process of continuous improvement. All these elements cause on the one hand the dissatisfaction on the part of the customer, and on the other hand an increase in costs.

TTM gives a proper answer to this need thanks to its “team” of experts (engineers, land surveyors, technicians, operators, assistants, employees and workers) who, within the organization, harmoniously cooperate to provide companies with the know-how required to guarantee the total satisfaction of their needs in terms of results and development.

TTM developed very strict process and product control procedures. Its laboratory is equipped with the most sophisticated measuring and control devices to allow a complete assessment of the characteristics required by the drawings produced.

The laboratory is equipped with:

  • Line of metallurgy for the preparation of the specimens to send to the control of micro
  • Micro hardness tester, for checking the thickness of cementation, core hardness and surface of the
  • Three axis machine to automatic measurement of dimensions
  • Optical machine to automatic measurement of the dimensions of the wedges
  • Durometer to measurement the surface hardness

Also systems and equipment have been developed for the internal calibration of all equipment of tensioning (hydraulic pump and mono and multi strand jacks), so as to provide the customer products and equipment that can meet all the requirements.