TTM is part of the Group ORI MARTIN s.p.a., located in Brescia, which since the beginning of ‘900 has worked in the steel industry sector, producing special and high quality steel.

Since 1960, the company has differentiated its activities to enter the world of major works with its experience in the steel industry and its deriving products. The company has grown its know-how working in this sector for many years. It is active both at national and global level with its equipment and specialized staff.

TTM Tension Technology has strong skills in development and research; therefore, in just 12 years since its establishment, the company has become a solid support for design and for the continuous demands of the world of construction.

The main aim of TTM Tension Technology is to provide a wide range of products and services, from the production of steel and strand as its first product to offer high quality solutions for major works.

In 2015 TTM Tension Technology partnered with KBW Investments to expand its global footprint.