Load Cells

The DE150KN load cell is designed for the installation on ground anchors, and in particular on single strands anchored to plates. Their shape and dimensions make these cells suitable for the installation on an elementary strand under the anchoring bush.

By cutting costs with respect to the application of a classic cell, this allows to evaluate the tension condition of the entire ground anchor. All the strands are tensioned with multiple jack systems connected in parallel to a manifold, and under isotension with TTM equipment. Therefore, by monitoring one strand, the anchor is monitored by applying a DE150KN load cell.

The compression toroidal DE150KN load cell is used for anchors tensioning control; it is also useful to keep them under control by revealing any tension losses or overloads. When subjected to a load, the cell will undergo a deformation that is measured by strain gauges, which produce an output electric signal proportional to the applied load by varying the resistance values.