M Series

“M” series active anchorages are designed for traditional post-tensioning applications. They are used with galvanized or non-galvanized metallic sheaths or polyethylene sheaths. The whole device is then grouted with cement mix. They are provided with front grouting hole and threaded holes to connect with the formwork. They are provided with a rear polyethylene cone for connection to several-diameter sheaths.

The “M” system is designed to comply with the guidelines ETAG 013 and it is awarded with the European Technical Approval ETA-09-0012 and the marking CE 0969-CPD-001/09-PT.

The anchorage is made of: an anchor plate, wedges, connection and anchor casting.

Simulations made with finite element codes and laboratory tests allowed to design a compact anchorage to comply with the guidelines ETAG 013.

The “M” series active anchorage is made of the following parts: casting, anchor plate, wedges and connection in H.D.P.E. to connect the casting to the metallic or polyethylene sheath. Castings have a turned plane for the plate, holes for connection to cap and formwork and a threaded grouting hole. Castings are in spheroidal cast iron EN-GJS 500-7 EN-JS-1050, which offers a high resistance to stress. Being weldable, it guarantees the maximum safety during installation.

Strands are blocked on a distribution plate with truncated cone holes in steel C40-45 UNI EN 10083/1 and by means of wedges in steel 16NiCr4Pb UNI EN 10277-4.

The anchorage and the sheaths are connected by means of a truncated cone connection that guarantees a correct deviation of strands, minimizing the values of losses. The connection is made of H.D.P.E. and suitable for the connection to several-diameter sheaths.

All castings have threaded holes on the plane to allow an easy fixing to the formwork by means of bolts. All castings have a gas threaded hole for grouting to allow the connection to the several solutions available for grouting. Castings may be supplied with an epoxy coating protection on request.