ME, MEep and MEX Series

“ME, MEep and MEX “ active anchorages are designed for external post-tensioning and may be supplied with several applications.

They are made of a “M, MEP or MX®” casting and properly connected to a sheath in H.D.P.E. with a special transition cone. The cone allows to contain the grouting inside it, so preventing it from bonding to the internal wall of the casting and guaranteeing the cable disassembling over time as well as a perfect tightness. The heads grouting by external precompression may be carried out with cement mix, grease or wax.

The strands may be bare or protected with grease and H.D.P.E. and guarantee the possibility to replace the cable over time. The use of bare strands must also include in some cases the localized protection of wedges with grease according to the type of application.