MX Series

Simulations made with finite element codes and laboratory tests allowed to design a compact anchorage to comply with the guidelines ETAG 013.

The “MX®” series active anchorage is made of the following parts: casting coated with polyethylene, anchor plate, wedges, polyethylene cap to contain grease and connection in H.D.P.E. to connect the casting to the metallic sheath, more usually in polyethylene. Castings have a turned plane for the plate, holes for connection to cap and formwork and a threaded grouting hole. Castings are in spheroidal cast iron EN-GJS 500-7 EN-JS-1050, which offers a high resistance to stress and is weldable. However, due to the polyethylene protection it is provided with, it cannot be welded without compromising the coating. This coating also requires a particular care during the installation.

Strands are blocked on a distribution plate with truncated cone holes in steel C40-45 UNI EN 10083/1 and by means of wedges in steel 16NiCr4Pb UNI EN 10277-4.

The anchorage and the sheaths are connected by means of a truncated cone connection that guarantees a correct deviation of strands, minimizing the values of losses. The connection is made of H.D.P.E. and suitable for the connection to several-diameter sheaths.

All castings have threaded holes on the plane to allow an easy fixing to the formwork by means of bolts.

All castings have a gas threaded hole for grouting to allow the connection to the several solutions available for grouting.