Protection Caps

In an aggressive environment, the anchor head must be immediately protected, both with temporary and with permanent anchors. The protection inside the heat provides an efficient connection with the free length protection, in order to protect the small reinforcement section below and through the bearing plate.

The grouting of the back part of the anchorage can be carried out from the central hole, which also allows air to be released. The back filling of the anchorage, together with the containment offered by the under plate protection, represent the correct application to guarantee the necessary protection. If no reloading and stressing controls are required, resins, mixtures and other sealing products can be inserted into the head cap. On the contrary, if reloading and stressing controls are required, the protection of the external part of the head, including the cap and its content, must be removable. It must be possible to reload the cap with the anticorrosion product.