The anchor is a fundamental part of the rod; in fact by means of the elements from which it is composed transmits to the structure anchored to the rock the tensile force of the tie rod.

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The anchors of type TTR-E are manufactured in compliance with the instructions given in the EN 1537:2013, and are available from 2 to 8 strands prepared for the combination of CAP-type long or short. This anchor offers the possibility of being put in tension with the jacks of the series TTM250kN or TTM300kN, and allows for the simultaneous tensioning of the strands with equal number of screw jacks “Stringing in iso pressure”.

To avoid pressure drop is important to reduce the flabby ropes of the free part before tensioning.

The fixing of the reinforcement takes place on a plate TTR-E equipped with holes for the housing of bushes and wedges. The plate and the bushes are made of steel in compliance with EN 10083/1, while the wedges type 7015-T15 steel are conforming to EN 10277-4.

The anchors type TTM and TTM-F are used where is required the reduction of the size of the anchor, and the version F allow the restressable in time of the tendon

Both types have been tested and qualified in accordance with the guideline ETAG013.


The TTM anchorage is made of an anchor plate, it is equipped with wedges and an under plate for load transferring. In the permanent version…

The TTR-E anchorage is made of an anchor plate equipped with bushes and wedges; the distribution under plate may be used for load transferring when…